Live band Members include: Rob Kwait, Rich Kwait, Ira Race, Stephan DiVincenzo, Jeff Levinsohn, Lee Schusterman and Jeanine Reed.


Based outside of Philadelphia, CABIN DOGS blend original American country roots with 70’s grooves … like a campfire jamboree under a blood moon eclipse. Inventive, rollicking, timeless and magical have described the band's music, including its latest release Mountain Sun. Led by twin brothers, Rich and Rob, who got their start listening to Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead while playing wiffle ball in front of their house, the CABIN DOGS have become a staple in the Philadelphia area live music scene, releasing 5 well received records (including 2 under the Kwait Brothers Band name) and playing stages that include Newport Folk Festival and Philadelphia Folk Festival. Their shows combine tight original songwriting with groovy rhythms and cosmic interludes all of which  compel melodious moon howling and strange dance moves not thought physically possible.


Twin brothers, Rich and Rob Kwait, keep their bond through music writing, recording, and playing. Through the twists and turns of daily life outside of Philadelphia, PA, these two brothers keep coming back to their roots—a cabin, their dogs and some time together.  Their latest record, Mountain Sun (2018) is a solid country-roots-groove warm and colorful original record. 

"It probably started back around 1982," explains Rich. "Playing wiffle ball and listening to Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead from a box, making tape after tape of song snippets, debating the good parts, the hook, the bridge, crossing genres—country, singer-songwriter, psychedelic stuff—driving our friends crazy." 

Fast forward to 1998, the brothers bought a six-track recorder and headed up to Au Sable Forks NY to put some ideas down. They came away with enough material to fill two original records under the name Kwait Brothers Band (2000's Hillside and 2002’s Outland Disco). "We still play a ton of those songs live today. Those first two records are how we recruited the band. They were fans."

In 2005, the brothers headed up to Woodstock, NY to write a new batch of songs and record it with Professor Louie (The Band, Rick Danko). The album, Electric Cabin, under the new name CABIN DOGS, garnered praise in Americana circles, and the brothers were compared to a Robertson-Danko team / sound.

The brothers soon built their home studio outside of Philadelphia and produced Midnight Trail in 2011, which was well received achieving steady AAA and college radio play.  And with their newest release, Mountain Sun (recorded at home and in rural New York) they are finally starting to get the attention they deserve.  The album has reached #11 on the Jam Charts and the top 150 on the AMA charts, with just about all of the songs on the record receiving radio play.  "This is a big record and a strong record and varied. With big jam songs and short camp fire songs.  Making this one of the must-see bands live, just on the basis of the songs."

'On the Road' is one of the singles/videos from the record. The band continues to add shows to their schedule. And the brothers continue to hone their wiffle ball skills.

MOUNTAIN SUN ... Available online at iTunes, Amazon Music, cdbaby …. and more. Preview MOUNTAIN SUN on our MUSIC page!! 


Live Review:  Bryn Mawr Twilight Concerts  

The fullest sound I've ever put on stage in almost 30 years.  The band played for almost 2 hours straight, and........if you came here from Mars and had never heard of The Grateful Dead or Robbie Robertson and the Band and didn't know their tunes, and you listened to the Cabin Dogs cover their songs, and then listened to the Cabin Dogs' original tunes, you'd never know which songs were million sellers.  Their songs and singing are THAT GOOD!  David Broida, Director Bryn Mawr Twilight Concerts


Reviews for Midnight Trail

This is the benchmark that emerging and established artists should be aiming to achieve.... MAVERICK, 2011

Boogie rock and Balearic grooves seep from the gaps between the boards of a rickety farm in upstate New York. ‘Midnight Trail’ is a highly entertaining musical joyride. TUNERAKER, 2011

 ... with Midnight Trail, they've laid some serious groundwork for a long career.  BLURT, 2011

 .... You’ll be a better person for listening to this. The Big Takeover #69, 2011


Reviews for Electric Cabin

"Cabin Dogs succeed in crafting time-honored Americana tracks along the lines of The Band, Blue Rodeo and Wilco ... an interesting and consistently good release", 2007

"a gem of a recording....for those who revel in the laid-back ease of Rick Danko's material and San Francisco's early 70's heyday of Workingman's Dead ... Full of calibrated musical magic, Cabin Dogs look inward to find sturdy, shimmering compositional gold on Electric Cabin." Honest Tune, 2007

"The Cabin Dogs' newest release, Electric Cabin, is a pure joy to experience: at times sounding like classic groups Poco or The Band and at other times jam bands like Phish or Assembly of Dust. Their music is feel-good contagious and is sure to put a smile on your face and get your feet tapping...."  Brother Al, WERU 89.9 FM Blue Hill Maine, 2007

Be prepared for a rollicking good time as the Kwait brothers and band takes you down the dusty country road where heartfelt tunes are backed by a wild beat that makes for a rustic rhythm bonanza!” Power of Pop [blog], 2007

".... Brothers Rich and Rob Kwait lead the band through music that is nostalgic for the Band, recalling Van Morrison, the Dead, and Neil Young, but music that also settles into today’s Jam Band groove and Country-influenced Rock swagger..... Close harmonies, horse gait rhythm, Western skylines, and dreamy friendship moments makes it “feel real good to be back together again."  Music Spectrum[blog], 2007

"[Cabin Dogs] play the kind of cool music that warms a room in a country setting....  Fangsum Hiss [blog], 2006

 Sharp, open-hearted songwriting, 2006

“…experimental 70’s revival rock, like the Allman Brothers or Steely Dan. ... fresh and extremely well done...... Fun Time OK Blog, 2006

"Think of a contemporary look at groups like The Band and you get the idea as to what Cabin Dogs are all about..... “Cheyenne” has a great mountain or Appalachian music hue to it in the vein of Gillian Welch…." Pop Matters, 2006

"Shooter Jennings meets the Allman Brothers at a showing of The Last Waltz. I’ve always loved the looseness of The Band. It’s what I like to refer to as controlled chaos. The Stones have it as well and so do the Cabin Dogs…." Ear Candy Mag, 2006

"Cosmic fueled psychedelic jam rock ‘n’ roll in the vein of the Band and the Grateful Dead, “Electric Cabin” by Philadelphia’s Cabin Dogs is a mountain retreat of that past classic rock era.... extremely catchy tunes." Smother Magazine, 2006

"…an instantly loveable, near-perfect sound ... This one's going to make you want to drive down a country road to a lost swimming hole and enjoy summer to its fullest. For fans of The Band this is highly, highly recommended." Left Hip Magazine, 2006

"…it is musical quality that is the real story behind this CD.... Lyricism and musical quality are undeniably strong on Electric Cabin.", 2006